Top procuratorate investigates malpractice in Shenzhen landslide

China’s top procuratorate is investigating malpractice in a landslide in the southern city of Shenzhen, which left 7 people dead and dozens more missing.

The Supreme People’s Procuratorate said on Saturday that it would probe the landslide in Shenzhen for suspected malpractice crimes involved.

It will form a special team with the local procuratorate of Guangdong to jointly investigate the incident.

The prosecutors will also work with the State Council’s investigation team to deal with possible duty-related crimes in the case, such as misuse of power, dereliction of duty and bending the law for personal interests.

The top procuratorate pledged to bring the offenders behind the incident to justice and make further efforts to ensure work safety.

The landslide occurred last Sunday, as a large pile of construction waste collapsed on an industrial park in the city, leaving 33 buildings buried or damaged, and dozens of people missing.

The State Council investigation team has confirmed that the landslide was a work safety incident, not a geological disaster.

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