Toy repair helps Cuban children develop interests

A Cuban gallery recently opened a weekly class for local children in Havana to learn how to repair used toys as a way to help them develop new hobbies during the summer holidays.

(Soundbite) Roberto Fields, Painter
“Abilities are developed. They learn new things that wake up their young motivations for developing future interests.”

Using simple techniques and providing them with instruments for draw, paint and reshape old toys, these were restored and given a new lease of life.

(Soundbite) Leandro Gonzalez, Student
“I believe that it will be very useful after the repair. We have to find the solution by ourselves. It benefits us a lot.”

Under the instruction of participating artists, the children could usually learn many new skills in a two-hour session.

(Soundbite) Lucia Alvarez, Student
“There is a lot to sew and I would like to learn how to sew and repair toys. The toys are broken and really need restoration.”

Once complete, the repaired toys will go on display at the La Marca Gallery in Havana, to be promoted alongside the works of professional toy makers.

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