Transformer is coming? Monster 3,000-ton excavator rumbles through E. Germany

The B156 had to be closed as a 3,000 ton excavator was driven from an open-cast mining pit in Nochten to Reichwalde on Sunday. The vehicle was seen traversing a road near Lausitz, Kraftwerk Boxberg early in the morning.

Residents got up early to watch the spectacle, since this was the first piece of construction equipment of its size seen in the region in 17 years. The excavator is 160 metres long, 40 metres high and 30 metres wide, and has 14 shovels. Moving the giant machine took months of preparation. Vattenfall engineer Heiko Wolf explained that the geology of the area had to be taken into account, so that a suitable route for the excavator could be prepared.

In order to prevent accidents the company created a safety zone of 200 metres around the excavator’s path, predicting that many locals would be interested in watching the move from close up.

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