Trump effigy set ablaze in Mexico Easter ritual

An effigy of United States presidential contender Donald Trump was set ablaze on March 26 during a Holy Week ritual in Mexico City.

(Soundbite) Felipe Linares Mendoza, Effigy Maker
“He spoke negatively about Mexico. He spoke badly of Mexicans. It is for nothing but his purported policy. He is big-mouthed and wrong.”

The 2.5-meter-tall figure went off into flames, but the racist statements that Trump had made against Mexicans still lingered and cast a shadow down to the neighboring country of U.S.

(Soundbite, Spanish) – Felipe Linares Vargas, Craftsman (0: 51-1: 07)
“Trump is now in fashion. He is against immigrants, whether Latino, Asian or Muslim. This year we decide to burn off his effigy to protest against his stand and policy.”

The ritual on the Easter eve was called “Burning of Judas.”

It is a tradition in which Mexicans torch effigies of devil as well as public figures they dislike.

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