Typhoon Nepartak makes landfall in E China

Typhoon Nepartak, the first of the season, landed Saturday on the coast of east China’s Fujian Province, bringing strong gusts and downpours to the area.

Transportation has been affected by the strong typhoon, as commercial ships have suspended services with planes and trains cancelled.

Fishing boats have also been recalled to port.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE) DONG XIAOHUA, Border police station in Putian
“We’ve asked fishermen to bring their boats back. More than 500 fishing boats are now safely docked.”

Beaches and entertainment facilities have also been closed for safety concerns.

Meanwhile, in the coastal city of Wenzhou in eastern Zhejiang Province, more than 35,000 people have been relocated as of Friday afternoon.

China’s State Oceanic Administration has issued this year’s first red alert for ocean waves.

It is estimated that from Friday night to Saturday, sea waves as high as nine meters will emerge in Taiwan Strait, while coastal waters near Fujian Province will see waves as high as six meters.

Nepartak made landfall in Taiwan Friday morning and reached the Taiwan Strait Friday afternoon.

The storm is likely to worsen already severe flooding in parts of central and eastern China, especially in the city of Wuhan.

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