U.S. have mixed feelings about Turkish polls

As supporters of Turkish president’s AKP celebrate their party’s return to single-party rule on Monday, the White House feels happy too.
This is because the Americans need a stable NATO member in that part of the world.
The Europeans are also happy because they need a stable Turkey to help cope with their urgent issue of Syrian refugees.
But, the Americans might as well feel sort of handcuffed by Sunday’s rerun polls.
The Islamist-rooted AKP has got almost 50 percent of the votes, whereas the pro-Kurdish party HDP dropped their share from June election’s 13 percent to 10 percent now.
The American mixed feelings showed up when Reuters quoted a former CIA analyst as saying: “This makes more difficult a strategy of using the Kurds against IS because AKP appeals to anti-Kurd sentiments.” Analyst Bruce Riedel sometimes serves as policy advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama.

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