U.S. tightens security on New Year’s holiday threats

U.S. federal and local security officials are tightening security in high-profile locations tied to New Year celebrations. They have been considering possible security threats on the New Year holidays, local media reported on Wednesday.
According to CNN, U.S. President Barack Obama at a briefing was told of possible security threats over the year-end holidays before his departure for a Hawaii vacation.
Among the threats was one originating overseas warning of possible attacks in three major U.S. cities, namely New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC, between the Christmas and New Year holidays, the report quoted unnamed senior officials as saying. The threat was uncorroborated and was based on a single source, the report added.
According to the same CNN report, U.S. security officials are tightening security in high-profile locations on New Year celebrations, including New York’s Times Square and the Rose
Bowl festivities near Los Angeles.
New York says more than 6,000 police officers, canine units, air and water patrols and rooftop snipers will be deployed around Times Square. It will be the biggest such deployment ever.

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