UN warns of “bullet-planting” scam at Manila’s airport

The United Nations on Tuesday warned its staffers to be precautious when traveling to and from the Philippine Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila because of alleged “bullet-planting” scam.

The UN Department of Safety and Security said staff members are advised to keep their luggage with them to avoid from being schemed by airport officers.

Recent reports said several passengers including both Filipinos and foreigners had been allegedly schemed when they were caught carrying bullets in their luggage and were threatened by officers to bribe them to avoid from getting arrested.

The bullets are suspected to have been planted into passengers’ bags by airport officers.

Though the officers have denied being involved, many passengers of the airport have wrapped up their luggage with plastic and cloth to avoid being victimized.

Philippine President Benigno Aquino has ordered a thorough investigation into the alleged scam.

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