US anti-dumping cases

Trade friction between China and the US has ramped up recently, with the iron and steel sector at center stage. On Tuesday, the US International Trade Commission announced it would investigate a complaint by a US iron and steel company alleging that Chinese steelmakers stole trade secrets through computer hacking, a charge that has been denied by Chinese steelmakers. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce said that trade remedy measures recently taken by the United States have been motivated by protectionism, and will artificially interfere with trade rather than solve the industry’s current problems. What is driving these recent tensions? And is there any truth to the various allegations made by the US against China? Join us for a discussion with Mr. Liu Baocheng, Dean of the Center for International Business Ethics from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing; and in Washington, Charles Freeman III, International Principal at Forbes-Tate, LLC and former Assistant US Trade Representative for China Affairs.

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