US expert on THAAD deployment

As the opposition goes on in South Korea, CNC correspondents have interviewed a U.S. expert on the deployment of THAAD. Let’s hear what he said over the issue.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) TED CARPENTER, Senior fellow at Cato Institute
“It is not a constructive step because of wider implications. S. Korea and U.S. ought to be aware this decision can have an impact that does not benefit the overall security, peaceful nature of the east Asian system.”

The expert believes that the U.S. moves will trigger suspicions not only from North Korea, but also from China.

SOUNDBITE (ENGLISH) TED CARPENTER, Senior fellow at Cato Institute
“Whether it is intention or not, it can have that effect and certainly one can understand suspicions on the part of Chinese planners if they see it has the capability that this can affect Chinese deterrent, it can impact Chinese security in adverse way, they are going to be suspicious of the deployment, they are going to wonder whether in effect whether it is directed at China and not simply deterrent to N Korea. U.S. can offer assurance that it’s not, but again assurance can only go so far when there are facts on the ground.”

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