Uyghur man hailed a hero for saving drowning woman’s life

Two men, including one from the Uyghur ethnicity, were hailed heroes for saving a drowning woman’s life.

The woman, Huang Renyue, was walking on a muddy mountain road in Chenzhou, central China’s Hunan Province, when she slipped and fell 20 meters into a lake below.

Hearing Huang’s cries for help, Zhou Zuohong and Hebir Eemet both came to her rescue.

“I came down to the river, swam for a while and got up to the bank, and then down to the river again and swan towards her.”

“I thought only about saving her life. I took off my clothes and pants, and left 13,000 Yuan and my cell phone on the bank. All 56 ethnicities in China are one family. I’ll come and help whenever I see someone’s in need.”

The two men were honored “models of morality” at a ceremony in Chenzhou on Monday.

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