Vancouver Circle Craft Christmas Market

For 42 years, artisans from across Canada have been bringing their handcrafted wares to Vancouver’s Circle Craft Christmas Market, attracting more than 40,000 shoppers each year.

STANDUP(English): EVAN DUGGAN, CNC correspondent
“With Christmas just over a month away, the Christmas shopping season is ratcheting up. And with more than 300 artisans all under one roof, the Circle Craft Market is being touted as the city’s best place to find that perfect Christmas gift.”

The craft market is run by a local non-profit organization that maintains a permanent store at Vancouver’s famous Granville Island.

To get a place in the four-day show, artisans go through a tough jury selection process.

SOUNDBITE(English): ROSSANNE CLAMP, Show coordinator
“Some of these categories will allow 30 spots, because we want to keep a balanced show, but you know, we have people who apply six years in a row and don’t get in and these are great artisans, it’s just very competitive to get into this particular market.”

Here, at the city’s massive convention center, shoppers pay 14 dollars just to get in the door.

These are the hot gifts at this year’s market. They’re called Leather Monsters.

For about four years, local artisan Lisa Lee has been making this little stuffed monsters out of leather that she salvaged from leather clothing and handbag makers.

She started with several-hundred of them here to sell at the market, but has only a few dozen left.

SOUNDBITE(English): LISA LEE, Artisan
“They’re super unique. Leather Monsters, each one of them is one of a kind. No two of them look alike. They’re made individually and they’re very different. The expressions that they have give them a lot of animation. I think their long-live nature makes them really fun too.”

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