Venezuela in Focus III: Golden years to remember

While the current time is abashed, one is prone to get immersed in the past.
Yes, Venezuela used to possess its glory, especially after Hugo Chavez, predecessor and mentor of President Nicolas Maduro, began to govern the nation in 1999.

(Soundbite) Oscar Martinez, Computer Scientist
“Chavez’s rise to power meant socializing opportunities.”

(Soundbite) Alejandra Hernandez, Actress
“While Chavez was in power, we had education and thanks to him the Art University came about. Thanks to him, we have education and also health. He created the hospitals and also some institutions for students that didn’t ask for any money.”

Riding the coattail of soaring oil price and with an iron hand to push through collective ownership of pivotal sectors, Chavez realized an economic miracle in Latin America.

(Soundbite) Alejandra Hernandez, Actress
“Above all, we lived in a stable way and we lived well because we were not in the situation like now that we always have to look in other places (for products). There was quite a lot of economic stability and there were jobs.”

(Soundbite) Nelson Requena, Craftsman
“The Bolivarian revolution is something that will always be part of history, because Commander Chavez taught people to fight for this beautiful country of Venezuela, my country, and there have been many good things and there were also many bad things but not from Chavism.”

With his coffer full, Chavez tipped the balance towards the underprivileged, entitling them to medical care, education and housing convenience. Annual per capita Gross Domestic Products even tripled to almost 14,000 U.S. dollars in 2010.

(Soundbite) Hector Gutierrez, Environmentalist and Social Activist
“The Bolivarian revolution is a space of popular activism that makes us a people united. It is a historical hope that for more than 500 years we have been longing for and trying to bring together all the communities that were excluded before.”

Meanwhile, Venezuela grew stronger on the world stage. With the so-called “Oil Diplomacy,” Chavez befriended more countries in and outside Latin America, earning recognition and respect for the OPEC member country.

(Soundbite) Hector Gutierrez, Environmentalist and Social Activist
“It is a process we have always dreamed of – the process of deepening justice with dignity which was part of President Hugo Chavez’ legacy and it came from the history of our people’s struggle.”

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