Venezuela intensifies fumigation and education efforts against Zika

Health ministry officials and Mayor of Caracas Magallanes de Catia toured west Caracas on February 1 for further and wider prevention of Zika virus, which was preliminarily proved to cause microcephaly to babies, a disease featuring small head and damaged nerve system.

Firefighters, social workers, nurses, doctors and locals brigades fumigated the sector, while trying to eliminate breeding sites of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which easily grow around water saved in tanks and then disseminate the virus by biting.

(Soundbite) Carlos Irano, Health Service Official
“We visit residents house by house to help eliminate hatcheries. We make fumigation and especially informative and educational efforts. This is important for the population, because we must be clear that the first step in combating this type of mosquito-borne viral disease is health education for the people.”

The Health Minister has distributed 70,000 liters of insecticide in several regions of the country for fumigation as wide as possible.

The latest official data of Venezuela reported 4,500 suspected cases of Zika nationwide, with 55 people under intensive care.

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