Venezuela militarizes border with Colombia

Venezuela turned its border with Colombia militarized on August 20, right after President Nicolas Maduro announced its closure for 72 hours over an allegedly paramilitary attack that left three military officers and one civilian wounded.

The main access to the Simon Bolivar International Bridge, near the town of San Antonio in the border state of Tachira, was blocked with barbed wire and military presence.

On the Venezuelan and Colombian sides of the bridge stayed dozens of people prohibited to travel, while vehicles were barely seen.

Earlier the day, Maduro said that the wounded officers were between life and death and deployed a special operation to arrest the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, Colombian Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin considered the closure a “sovereign measure” by Venezuela and announced that she will meet on September 14 with her counterpart Delcy Rodriguez to discuss sensitive issues concerning the border area.

Venezuela and Colombia share a border of 2,219 kilometers, where the activities of guerrillas, paramilitaries, drug traffickers and fuel smugglers remained rampant.

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