Venezuela tries to make world’s largest chocolate coin

More than 80 chocolatiers began on Thursday in Caracas to make the world’s largest chocolate coin, which will weigh more than a ton and measure about 240 centimeters in diameter when it is completed in four days.

The attempt backed by Guinness World Records took place at the Venezuelan international Chocolate Fair, involving the efforts of 125 artisans and producers of cocoa.

(Soundbite) ANDRES LANDAETA, Chocolate Chef and Record Manager
“This record means putting up the name of Venezuelan cocoa and eyes are focused on what we have. It is the most precious food that we have. We can exploit it and take it forward.”

The challenge mounted by the Venezuelan chefs and artisans is expected to surpass the current record of chocolate coin of 658 kilograms made in Italy.

(Soundbite) CARLOS MARTINEZ, Representative of Guinness World Records
“We want to offer an international and global platform which is Guinness World Record to present in every corner of the world this product and this artwork that is being built today.”

The Chocolate Fair displayed different products of Venezuelan cocoa, whose average annual production stands at 16 million kilograms.

Venezuelan cocoa is considered the best in the world and exported to Japan, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Belgium and the United States as raw materials for the most exquisite chocolates.

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