Venezuelan military staffers begin to supervise street sales

Military personnel and market regulators started to supervise street sales on July 16 in Caracas, trying to fend off hoarding and brokerage coming out of a long-running shortage of commodities.

(Soundbite) William Contreras, Market Superintendent
“We found actions of not abide by the regulation and completely unaware of the laws of the country, namely the Law on Sovereignty and Food Safety and the Organic Law of Fair Prices. Somehow this has encouraged us to condition the sale of necessities to the residents of this community.”

This week, President Nicolas Maduro announced the move, as a new attempt to contain soaring inflation nationwide, especially standardize food distribution and sale.

The operation is directly managed by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in order to counter an “economic war” initiated by the enemies of the government to end the Bolivarian Revolution.

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