Venezuelan opposition denounced for vandalism and violence in demonstration

Police fail to prevent opposition demonstrators from wrecking official buildings and attacking public servants on May 18 in Caracas.

(Soundbite) Jorge Rodriguez, Mayor of Caracas
“They trashed the second and third floor of the academic residence, threw stones, smashed the library, and doused two heritage guards with gasoline to burn them alive.”

Despite extensive guard and without permission from the municipality, crowds of opposition members swarm to city center, trying to intrude the National Electoral Council.

(Soundbite) Jorge Rodriguez, Mayor of Caracas
“This was the reason why we said that violence could not go to the city center. And there was no permission for violent demonstration in the municipality.”

The opposition force stage the protest, mainly to urge the National Electoral Council to speed up its authorizing process of their referendum efforts to oust President Nicolas Maduro.

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