Venezuelans drowned into variety show by disabled artists of China

The Thousand-Hand Guanyin Dance silenced the Venezuelan audience with its beauty and sophistication on January 29 in Caracas, as the Art Troupe of the Disabled in China inaugurated its show to celebrate the upcoming Chinese lunar New Year jointly with the Chinese Embassy.

(Soundbite) Zhao Bentang, Chinese Ambassador to Venezuela
“This group of artists with disabilities was founded in 1987. It has toured more than 140 countries and its performances were welcomed very well around the world.”

The performance by blind musicians and singers as well over a dozen deaf dancers just dazzled the Venezuelans with their unison and perfection.

(Soundbite) Freddy Ñañez, Minister of Culture of Venezuela
“It is a fact that China and Venezuela can find common grounds and exchange cultures by both sides’ noblest peoples. This is their traditional art, where the strength can be seen worldwide.

With the end coming, the participation of the Children’s Choir of the Bolivarian Education Special Education Unit of Venezuela struck strong echo among the audience.

And a Chinese version of Latin dance just pushed the show to its climax.

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