Victory day celebration

Russia held its annual parade on Monday at Red Square to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, Russia’s term for World War II.

10,000 servicemen, 135 units of military equipment and 71 aircraft were involved.

“Tens of thousands of Russian audience are holding their breaths. The whole nation is waiting for the military parade for the 71st anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany in the second World War. For the Russian people, May 9th is doomed to be remembered as the Soviet Union took the heavy toll after four years of brutal fighting which cost 27 million Soviet lives.”

After minutes of silence, Russian President Vladimir said the Great Patriotic War will forever remain, recalling the “age of courage and bravery”.

The president went on warning that human civilization was nowadays again confronted with cruelty and violence, while terrorism has become a global threat that needs all countries to jointly fight against.

The combat aircraft that took part in Russia’s anti-terrorist operation in Syria also participated in the parade.

The parade mainly consisted the ground column, the mobile column and the flypast.

“I wish lasting peace in the world. No more wars. The nightmare of 1941 would never happen again.”

“I’m glad that we are able to make our kids enjoy peaceful lives. I hope our country will no longer have wars.”

In Germany…

Peace organizations held a variety of commemorative activities at a war memorial in Berlin to mark the 71st anniversary of the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two (WWII).

The Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park, located in the southeast of the German capital, is a cementery for more than 7,000 Soviet soldiers killed in the fight to take Berlin in 1946. It was the largest Soviet military memorial outside the former Soviet Union as dedicated on May 8, 1949.

Wreaths were laid on Monday by the German government as well as embassies of Russia, Belarus and many other countries at the monument to remember the Soviet soldiers buried there.

Turning to Slovak…

A commemorative event dedicated to fallen World War II(WWII) soldiers was held at Slavin memorial on Monday to mark the 71st anniversary of Victory Day.

In a speech delivered at the event, Slovak Vice-premier for Investments Peter Pellegrini warned of extremism, chauvinism and nationalism.

Pellegrini said the duty to stand vigilant against this threat is all the more urgent today.

He also emphasised that spreading hatred against other people based on race or nationality and the marginalisation or even apologising for the war atrocities have made their way in recent years from the fringes of society into the programmes of political parties and even into parliament itself.

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