Village in southern Mexico flourishes on handmade Christmas ornaments

As the footsteps of the Santa Clause are heard, Christmas ornaments, especially colored glass bulbs, rush to the markets in the picturesque village of Tlalpujahua in Mexico’s southern state of Michoacan.
In Tlalpujahua, its arguable reputation of “the World Capital of Christmas Spheres” has awarded the local crafts people with a decent living for decades.
(Soundbite) Gustavo Flores, Visitor
“It’s a very nice tradition here in Tlalpujahua, which must be preserved. So the only way to keep it is visiting and buying what they produce here.”
The glass balls produced at family workshops always surprise visitors and wholesalers with unique forms and peculiar designs. They may need a whole day to look through the bazzar to find all they want.
(Soundbite) Alicia Giron, Visitor
“To tell the truth, it is worth buying what is produced ourselves. These are our roots (of culture). It is a benefit to us Mexican people.”
What the buyers want in Tlalpujahua is originality and tradition, especially as most markets elsewhere are crowded more and more with industrialized products.
Handmade and unique, this tells why the small village can keep flourishing in the ornament trade since it was founded in 16th century.

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