Visual artists paint blue Mexico’s border fence with U.S.

A group of Mexican artists painted blue part of the border fence with the United States on April 13 in Mexico’s northern city of Ciudad Juarez.

(Soundbite) Ana Teresa Fernandez, Visual Artist
“Blurring the Border began in 2011 over the border fence between Tijuana and San Diego. The idea was trying to create an illusion or a vision of the fence as being deleted, thus reminding people how these public spaces would be without the obstruction.”

The artists also called the project as Perfect Sky and currently pitted their action against U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump, who claimed to build a wall along the whole border between the U.S. and Mexico to stop immigrant influx.

(Soundbite) Lluvia Rocha, Visual Artist
“Rather than seeing it as an election, we think it an IQ test of the American society. … It will be catastrophic if he (Donald Trump) becomes president.”

As the fence turned into blue, it seemed like melting into the sky.
The optical illusion symbolized the artists’ expectation that all apartheid and prejudice would both dissolve into oblivion.

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