Vital reforms to board of elections in NY

In the wake of reports of potentially widespread voter disenfranchisement in last Tuesday’s election, Mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio on Monday proposed vital reforms to the City Board of Elections (BOE).

He also announced that 20 million U.S. dollars will be made available to fund them.

These reforms include hiring an outside operations consultant, empaneling a blue-ribbon commission to identify failures, enhancing poll worker training, and providing new email and text notifications for voters.

In addition, the City will advance State legislation that transfers responsibility of day-to-day operations and personnel decisions from the BOE commissioners to executive management.

Bill de Blasio noted that the Board of Elections is an outdated organization in dire need of modernization, stressing that these common-sense reforms will bring much-needed transparency, modernize practices.

The BOE is charged by State law with administering elections in the City. It is made up of 10 Commissioners that receive City Council appointment based upon recommendation of the political parties.

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