Volcano eruptions affect crops and living in eastern Costa Rica

In May, pigweed green and dense fog become the typical landscape in Costa Rica’s eastern province of Cartago.

The constant eruptions of Volcano Turrialba have spread a blanket of ash on crops and pastures, with smokescreen blocking your sight.

(Soundbite) Jorge Antonio Ciciliano, Farmer
“The problem is that the these cabbages are small when ash falls. When they grow big, you have to wash them.”

The weather has affected food and drinking water. Cattle breathe ash and get sick. Schools suspend classes indefinitely due to health concern.

(Soundbite) Jorge Antonio Ciciliano, Farmer
“The potato gets danaged when it is time to mature. A little water may help alleviate the problem, but it is already the end of our plantation.”

The residents already get used to such living conditions. Or, what else can they do?

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