Volcano Turrialba erupts variety of materials, smoke 1,000 meters high

Volcano Turrialba erupted at 05:10 a.m. local time on June 2 with its ash and smoke reaching 1,000 meters into the sky, some 70 kilometers east of capital city San Jose.

The official volcano authority recorded the eruption as a major one, because what it spewed out were diversified and over its normal output.

(Soundbite) GINO GONZALEZ, Volcanologist of Research Institute of Geological Sciences, Unviersity of Costa Rica
“It is a large eruption, with different types of energies released. With an earthquake, the seismic energy merely changed into volcanic eruption. With more potential energy, it has swollen and thermal energy and even rocks came out.”

The gas and ash mainly moved to north, with significant effect expected in the Central Valley, where San Jose and other major cities are located.

Turrialba has been very active so far in 2016, with its expulsion of ash, gas, steam and even stones once reaching 3,000 meters high at the most.

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