War “V-Day” Celebrated in North Korea, Kim Jong Un shows up

On Monday North Korea celebrated the 62nd anniversary of the Korean Armistace aggreement which ended the Korean War.
North Korea remains technically at war with the United States.
The Asian country considers the US its main enemy.
It calls the superpower’s yearly military drills with South Korea an aggression.
The rarely seen top leader Kim Jong Un showed up on Monday and visited the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun with other officials.
Kim Jong Un paid tribute to the statues of late the leaders Kim Il Sung – his grandfather, and Kim Jong Il – his father
People from all walks of life visited the statues in Pyongyang and other parts of the country.
The statues were surrounded by floral baskets and bouquets.
Art performances were staged to celebrate the V-day.
Young people, many of them students, were dancing on the streets.
Fireworks were displayed in the sky over Pyongyang at night.
Many people went to the riverside of Taedong River to watch the fireworks.

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