Watch:Dog goes on rampage in busy Beijing, bites 30 people

Police caught a dog on Thursday after it injured more than 30 people in Beijing’s busy central business and embassy districts since Tuesday.
Witnesses say the dog began biting people on Guanghua Road, near the Yonganli neighborhood, and with more than ten people lining up for rabies vaccinations at a disease control center nearby, some of the injured said the grey-white, medium-sized dog bit them near the Jianwai SOHO shopping mall.
During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, more than 2,000 Beijing residents were bit by dogs in just three days, arousing public concern and heated debate over the regulations surrounding dog management. Police claimed that managing the high number of ownerless dogs is very difficult, and enforcement is hard and cumbersome.
The law which deals with stray dogs has not been updated for over a decade. In the Provisions on Dog Management in Beijing City, only the 33rd regulation mentions the governance of stray dogs, which just said the official set up a shelter for quarantining and dealing with the ownerless animals.

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