Watch 3D chalk paintings on street of San Jose

Passersby stopped over on Boulevard Avenida Escazu in San Jose on April 10 to appreciate local artists painting their dreams on the ground, with color chalks and in 3D or 2D formats.

(Soundbite) LUIS ENRIQUE PAREDES, Festival Director
“We want to give more strength, more impact to the population to help people know more about this traditional art hundreds of years old.”

This was part of the celebration of the 1st Chalk Festival of Costa Rica, highlighting the theme of Path and Peace.

(Soundbite) LUIS ENRIQUE PAREDES, Festival Director
“This is the first festival of chalk in Costa Rica and Central America. The theme is peace. It is an expression of countering violence and calling for peace through art and lines.”

The street show last two days, and those acing out will get an opportunity to participate in a regional contest to be held in Mexico in October.

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