Watch: 60-year-old man spends 8 years producing a dancing robot

Today marks the 3rd anniversary since Chinese President Xi came up with the ‘Chinese Dream’, and recently a 60-year-old man spent 8 years making a dancing robot as part of his own version of the Chinese Dream. The robot made by a retiree named Li Zuchen, has two functions: dancing with music and the ability to showcase costumes like a real human model. Li claimed that making such a model has always been his dream after having a shopping experience which inspired him decade ago. At that time, he found that the plastic model is too rigid to show beautiful outfits, and he became determined to produce a more vivid and lively mannequin. However, Li knew nothing about the robotics field, so he kept learning and after facing countless failures and spending 150 thousands yuan (23,400 US Dollar),he finally produced his robot model. Now Li said he wants to promote his work to meet the broader market demand.

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