Watch as police take down drug traffickers in SW China

Four drug traffickers were detained and more than 7 kilograms of heroine seized in a border town in southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on Nov. 26.

The video, which was unveiled on Monday, shows how police in Longzhou County took down the drug dealers after receiving a tip that a man was trying to smuggle large amounts of heroine across the border from Vietnam to China.

The trafficker was spotted as he parked his motorcyle by the side of a road, apparently trying to examine the drugs.

Several policemen swooped on the man, knocked him over and rolled with him down a hillside for dozens of meters, before the man was brought under control.

Then suddenly, several other suspects jumped out of the bushes nearby, attempting to wrestle the drug trafficker from police custody and flee.

The police fired warning shots and, after backup units came, finally took down all the other three suspects.

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