Watch: Bus bursts into flames on highway, all people onboard evacuated

All 44 passengers and bus crew members were evacuated from a bus that caught fire on an expressway in south China’s Guangdong Province on August 6.
Surveillance video showed that the bus pulled over after it left a tunnel in the province’s Heyuan city. The bus driver, named Huang Shenghui, recalled that he saw black smoke rising from the bus’s rear from the rearview mirror. He told the steward to check the bus, while the other driver on board organized the passengers to get out. Just a few minutes later, all of the passengers and crew were off the bus.
The fire broke out just 12 minutes after the evacuation. Firefighters arrived soon to put out the fire, and traffic police sent the passengers to nearby expressway exits. According to a preliminary investigation by the traffic authority, the fire was caused by the engine overheating.
Approximately 260,000 people die in China as a result of road accidents each year, and around six in 10 of the total estimated deaths are vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, and people on motorcycles, according to the latest WHO estimates. In recent years, the country also has seen repeated bus fires, which have caused a number of deaths.

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