Watch dramtic footage of attempted child kidnapper being seized by crowd

A man in Foshan, south China’s Guangdong Province was detained by police after he attempted to grab a girl in a local community and was seized by crowd.

The man was noticed by the six-year-old girl’s mother in the corridor of residential building as he attempted to grab the girl. The mother immediately fought the potential kidnapper and grabbed her child back, at the same time the mother shouted to get the attention of the neighbors.

Hearing the cries, one of the neighbors closed the building’s entry door on the first floor to prevent the man from fleeing, forcing the man to run upstairs to the roof.

The man then climbed down along the burglar mesh and landed on the roof of the second floor. With no where else to go he jumped off the roof and landed on top of a parked car. However neighbors had been waiting for him and seized him and beat him with sticks.

Local policemen soon arrived at the scene and detained the robber. The man’s family claimed the man was mental illness. Further investigations are still underway.

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