Watch: Drunken dad uses daughter as diversion to flee the cops

A man, who was caught driving dunk with his family on board, used his five-year-old daughter as a distraction, throwing her at the law enforcers as he attempted to flee the scene.
The odd incident took place in Xi’an, in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, when the man was stopped by the police as he was driving in the night of July 15. His son apparently had a fever, but despite having chugged wine at home, the man was still decisive to drive out and sent his son to hospital.
However, things soured at a checkpoint, when police realized he was driving inebriated risking his life as well as his family’s. Just before the police managed to secure a ride for the wife and kids, the man, who was carrying his daughter at the time, suddenly turned back, throwing his daughter at the officer facing him in an attempt to escape.
The man was eventually detained not only for driving while intoxicated, but also for his reckless parenthood skills.

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