Watch: Fearless driver plunges truck full of rocks into floodwaters to stem breached levee

A 10-meter-long breach of a levee in Huarong county, central China’s Hunan Province was discovered last Sunday morning, following heavy rainfall and flooding across southern China. Over 23,000 residents living in the Xinhua flood detention basin area had been evacuated as of 9 p.m. on Sunday. This footage shows the local authorities literally throwing everything they have at the breach, as they attempt to stem the waters and restore the levee. A driver attached to a safety wire drove his truck loaded with huge rocks straight towards the breach, jumping out of the cabin at the last moment before it hurtled off dry land and into the water.
Altogether 13 trucks packed with heavy rocks were driven into the breach in order to reinforce the levee, with dozens of tons of rocks thrown into the water as of noon on Monday to resist the flood. Many netizens commented on the unusual method of repairing the levee, with some calling it a waste of the trucks, while others praised it as a quick and efficient way of stemming back the waters.

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