Watch: Geese fly along with their raiser in air trike

The 2015 China International Airsports Fiesta (CIAF) kicked off in Laiwu, Shandong Province, on Saturday. The most unique aircraft was brought by world famous Frenchman Christian Moullec, who took to the sky in his microlight flying vehicle with his flock of geese. Moullec has reared and trained his birds for years to fly in formation and use safe flying routes.This is the first time Moullec gave this special performance in China. Moullec said he wants to convey a message to the audience through his performance that birds are our friends and they should be protected. “I always carry a passenger in my air trike when I fly. I like to let them touch a flying goose to stoke their curiosity for beauty,” said Moullec.

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