Watch: ‘Ghost’ arrested for smearing woman’s front door with feces and urine for seven months

A man wearing a ghost mask, white sheet, red shoe covers, and a long black wig, was threatening a woman for the past seven months in Dali, in China’s southwest Yunnan Province. The victim, identified as Ms. Yang, said she had received a note accusing her of messing with someone else’s family in January.

Ms. Yang, claiming she had been wronged, replied with a note saying she could explain the situation to the person face-to-face. However, the harassment of the ‘ghost’ didn’t stop, and has been filmed by a monitor installed by Ms. Yang outside her front door. The man smeared the door with feces and urine, and also destroyed the CCTV camera deliberately in July.

The 42-year-old ‘ghost’ was arrested on Tuesday by local police and was detained for 20 days. A further investigation is underway.

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