Watch: naked carp in Qinghai Lake’s hard migration journey

Every year, in late spring and early summer, naked carps in Qinghai Lake start their breeding migration. The video below shows the naked carps, a second-class nationally protected animal species, begin a hard journey of swimming upstream to reproduce. The carps have to fight against their natural enemies and the fast current, and their strong spirits have touched onlookers.
The local authority of Qinghai Province has invested over 36 million yuan (5.5 million US dollars) since last year on the fish migration channels by tearing down several river dams and building six new fishways. According to the head of the Naked Carp Rescue Center of Qinghai Lake, local residents dammed up the migration river channels to irrigate their farmland since the 1960s, dealing a fatal blow to the naked craps and destroying the ecological environment of Qinghai lake. Now, the new fishways helping the fish swim upstream have become the latest tourist attraction.

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