Watch: Police officer jumps on hood of moving car to stop driver

A police officer hung onto the windshield of a moving car for one kilometer in Liaoyuan city, northeast China’s Jilin Province, in an attempt to stop the driver.
The incident, which started as a routine check of a driver’s papers on Wednesday afternoon, ended with the discovery of drug trafficking activity.
The traffic officer had asked the driver to pull over as his vehicle had not completed its annual inspection, but when the conductor refused to halt speed and fled the scene, the dedicated law enforcer was left with no choice but to cling on the car’s hood, as shown by footages from surveillance cameras.
At one point, the driver is seen stopping, and leaving his vehicle prompting a foot chase.
Police found drugs inside the car when searching it. Eventually, the driver surrendered himself and admitted transporting illegal substances.
Further investigation is currently underway.

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