Water Found On Mars : NASA

Liquid water has been observed on the planet Mars which makes it far more likely that life could be found there, the US space agency NASA said. “Mars is not the dry, arid planet we thought of in the past,” Jim Green, NASA’s planetary science director, told a press conference. “Under certain circumstances, liquid water has been found on Mars.” Scientists have long speculated that there may once have been life on the Red Planet. The presence of liquid water makes it possible that life could currently exist there, NASA said. “The really exciting thing about this is that our view of this ancient Mars, and the possibility of life originating on Mars, had been really about seeking chemical fossils of possible past life on Mars,” said astronaut John Grunsfeld, who is also associate administrator of NASA’s science mission directorate. “The existence of liquid water on Mars — even if it’s super salty briney water — gives the possibility that if there’s life on Mars we have a way to describe how it might survive.”

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