Wealth From Apps – The Next Billion-Dollar Market Opportunity

It’s Chinese Lunar New Year, a time for family reunions.

This year, Baoping is making the journey home in glory.

The 28-year-old made a fortune in the past year, thanks to a new profitable business.

And this business is changing the urban lifestyles across the country.

Baoping, a beautician from central China’s Henan Province, has eight years of experience in the beauty care industry.

In 2015, she came to Beijing, and started a beauty salon affiliated to mobile app “Helijia”.

Each day, she travels between her salon and her customers’ apartments with a suitcase weighing more than 15kg.

With the suitcase, Baoping can turn any room into a temporary beauty salon.

“Well, I only earned 8,000 yuan the first month, but the second month, my income doubled and it has been increasing since. I become more and more motivated as my income grows. Now I have more than 50 regular clients.”

Steven Shao has worked as a TV news editor for 7 years. In his spare time, he has another passion… (transition), and he is good at it. He can prepare a meal for 5 people within an hour. And he can make some profits, based on the mobile app “home cooking”.

My new year plan is to turn my hobby into a business from which I can make some money. It is not easy of course. First I need a certificate, second, I need to go through an application process.”

Mr Sun has been a taxi driver in Beijing for 20 years. Around two years ago, he found that he was earning less because of an app called “DiDi taxi,” an O2O service app for calling cabs.

It drags clients who hail taxies from the roadside to the VR world.

“I’m 56 years old. It’s very hard for me to compete with the younger drivers using the app. Usually, the driver who is closer to the client can get the deal. Now I can’t seal a deal even if I was just 100m away from my target client. Unbelievable! The app is edging out older drivers.”

In the new year, Sun decided to quit from his taxi hailing company and join the army of “Didi drivers,” using his own car to carry cab riders.

In this way, he hopes he could attract more clients.

The beautician, the cook and the taxi driver are engaged in different sectors.

But they all reach their customers from the mobile-friendly apps.

VR smartphone apps are changing the way people go about their daily lives, from ordering food, taking a cab, to paying for services…

It makes life easier for many, while creating a burgeoning market for business starters.

“For me, it’s a dream come true. Now I can afford a new apartment in my hometown.”

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