Wedding show helps urban singles experience marital joy and fun

You don’t need to wish them a life-long, happy marriage, because this is only a party, with young people gathering in the neighborhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires, on May 1, just for some amusement.

(Soundbite) Ana Sabona, Bride-Playing Actress
“Each time we achieve the same things: play and have fun. This is what is expected by the public and it happens.”

Urban singles yearn for family life, but find it ever harder to establish a world of two due to financial and other kinds of strains.
So, the organizer hires actor and actress to put on a wedding show, in order to help them experience the marital joy and fun before they can have a family in its true meaning.

The idea has proven to be very popular, as 15 such ceremonial parties have been held here so far.
By the way, you can’t exclude the possibility that a participant probably finds his other half on such an occasion, and may soon have his own wedding, this time real and blessed.

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