With hotels on beach, Cuba’s Holguin attracts visitors from Canada, Europe

From November to May, to avoid the freezing cold in their own country, thousands of Canadians would like to flock to Cuba’s fourth largest city Holguin, to enjoy its tropical sand and beach.

(Soundbite) Bob Dulovitch, Canadian Tourist
“It’s so nice and relaxing and the biggest thing is you are very safe in here and that goes a long way. We love the island. We love the people. We love everything about Cuba. It is very nice. It is just awesome.”

Besides for natural blessings, the city in southeastern Cuba is still proud of its rich culture and history dating back to 1545 when it was first founded.

(Soundbite) Jenny Dulovitch, Canadian Tourist
“We love Cuba and this resort has been fabulous. We love the ocean and the closeness of the ocean to the hotel. We have been in many islands in the Pacific and this is still our favorite place to come.”

Easy climate and top-notch five-star resorts located on one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive coastal strip also attract here European visitors from Germany, the United Kingdom and Italy, let alone Cuban nationals.

(Soundbite) Yaima Suarez, Hotelier
“In Holguin, we can find other tourism places like the sun, the beach, cultural activities as well as the possibility of enjoying great natural attractions like the Pinares de Mayari and Alejandro Humbolt Park. It is a good option to enjoy a combination of all these attractions.”

Within the whole province with the same name, there are currently 4,000 hotel rooms and over 15 beaches or resorts.

The Cuban government plans to build another 57,000 hotel rooms in the next five years in order to cash in on the emerging tourism tides.

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