With Tompkins’ donation, Chile poised to develop largest national park group in the world

This is the path where Douglas Tompkins used to walk.

The creator of fashion brands North Face and Esprit and leader of various ecological projects died of severe hypothermia during a kayak sailing at age 72 last December in Patagonia, the southern end of Chile.

On January 23, according to Tompkins’ will, his window Kristine McDivitt donated 409,785 hectares of natural reserves to the Chilean government, while expressing to President Michelle Bachelet the family’s consistent devotion to helping the South American country develop its unique ecotourism industry.

With the current donation, Chile is expected to establish a system of natural reserves about four million hectares in its south, creating the largest group of national parks in the world.

The Tompkins’ family has been developing natural reserves in southern Chile for 25 years and kept on donating ecotourism projects and infrastructures to the government.

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