“Wolf Totem” is shown as Chinese cinema masterpiece in Chile

A young student is captured by wolves but a rural cammunity in the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia takes her in during the Culture Revolution, which took place in the 1970s. The film showcases the harmonious existence between men and animals, especially wolves. This film, known as Wolf Totem, was shown on Wednesday at a Chinese cinema festival in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

With a high artistic value, the film won praise in China and around the world. Its French director, Jean-Jacques Annaud, faced in 2015 the challenge of filming with wolves to best showcase the relationship between humanity and nature.

Other cinematic works being shown at the National Cinema of La Moneda Culture Center include “Monster Hunt”.

In front a large audience, the film’s producer Wang Weimin and veteran actor, Basen Zhabu, who plays one of the main characters, Bilig, the former chief of a Mongolian tribe, answered numerous questions from the Chilean audience, which has given a warm welcome to Chinese films for years.

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