Woman director brings Chinese drama to Peru

Woman director brings Chinese drama to Peru

A trip to Shanghai two years ago made Marissa Bejar determined to bring Chinese drama to her homeland Peru.

A son’s ordeal about revenging his mother in the 1960s in China’s southwestern city Chongqing just enthralls the U.S.-educated director.

(Soundbite) Marissa Bejar, Director
“From that point of view it is very cute to understand China as a country who sticks to humanity, just like any other country in the world.”

Her 10-member team started rehearsal of A Motley Crew in November and the premier is scheduled for May 12, with 31 performances following in the next two weeks.

(Soundbite) Victor Prada, Actor
“It will be the world premiere of the work by the contemporary Chinese playwright (Yu Rongjun)… It is a choral thing where everyone participates.”

Six players will help the director infuse her understanding of Chinese culture and society with the playwright’s depiction of the unforgettable history.

(Soundbite) Marissa Bejar, Director
“It is a project started at the Confucius Institute quite some time ago in 2014. I am very interested in spreading Chinese culture through art and specifically through theater.”

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