Woman obsessed with cellphone, died from drowning into river

Too obsessed with her cellphone, a woman in Wenzhou, Zhejiang died from drowning after missing her step and falling into a river on Tuesday evening.
Surveillance footage released online shows the woman struggling for over a minute before she disappeared from the surface of the water.
The woman, 28-year-old Wang, a migrant worker and mother of two, was walking in the middle of the road, but being too focused on her phone, she gradually walked towards the edge of the water without realizing it, which in the end leads to the tragedy.
Wang’s body was discovered after her husband Yang spotted her shoe floating on the river while he was looking for her the next morning.
Zhou Renjun, the police officer in charge of the case, told that the river is only chest-deep, but the thick sludge down the water can cause people to slip and fall.
Wang’s tragedy has become a wake-up call for the public, as Chinese social media users are calling for people to have more caution while using phones.
“There are so many tragedies caused by obsession with cellphones. Why do people always think they can be immune to misfortunes?” @XiaoLucky20120206.
“Sometimes I really want to slap the face of those who keep staring at their phones while crossing the road.” @Summer Q.
“Seriously, stop being phubbers.” @Kaqisedemao. The word “phubber” describes those who are too preoccupied with their mobile phones.
Tragedies caused by phubbing have frequently been seen on news reports in recent years. An American man fell off a cliff to his death after getting distracted by an electronic device on Christmas Day. In August, a 5-year-old girl was hit by a bus and died, because her mother was busy looking at her phone without noticing the girl running into the middle of the driveway.
Moreover, phubbers are more subject to getting robbed, according to a report on China Police Daily.

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