Woman seeks $1.4 mln state compensation for wrong conviction

A former nurse from southwest China’s Yunnan Province, is seeking state compensation after she was wrongfully convicted of murder.

Qian Renfeng filed the appeal at a court in Yunnan on Wednesday, demanding 9.55 million yuan, or 1.45 million U.S. dollars, in damages.

Qian was only 17 when she was stripped of her freedom. The sentence was quashed in December last year, because it lacked sufficient evidence.

In February 2002, at a nursery where Qian was working, a toddler died of food poisoning and two other children were hospitalized.

Qian, who had prepared the children’s meals that day, was forced into confessing that she had mixed raticide in the food. Based on the forced confession, she was to be found guilty of murder.

She only escaped capital punishment because she had not yet turned 18. In China, the death penalty doesn’t apply to minors.

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