Workshop helps Peruvians know how Tai Chi works to bodies, spirits

A workshop and practice session of Tai Chi, the widely recognized Chinese martial art, were conducted Sunday in Lima as part of the cultural events at the 20th International Book Fair.

(Soundbite) Juan Vasquez, Peruvian Master of Tai Chi
“Tai Chi is a branch of internal Kung Fu and can also be considered a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. ”

Juan Vasquez, following the classical school of Chen, has spent over 40 years learning and teaching Tai Chi and Chinese Qi Gong. His student seemed satisfied at what they learned during the practice.

(Soundbite) Pedro Martinez, Peruvian Practitioner of Tai Chi
“It is pretty interesting. Above all, in some respects, it makes me relaxing. It differs from other martial arts that make people tense.”

The purpose of Tai Chi is one can learn to use his own energy to become persistent, patient and disciplined, thus improving one’s health.

(Soundbite) Aida Perez, Peruvian Retiree
“When I retired, I looked for something that was good for health and I found Tai Chi. Out of all the things I want, the most important one is to grow old with dignity and I have improved a lot.”

At Juan Vasquez’s workshop, the participants came to understand how Tai Chi worked to their bodies and spirits – it could facilitate free flow of energy through the meridians, and help avoid blockages in organs that are responsible for the emergence of diseases.

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