World Environment Day Special: Costa Rica sustains ecosystem and biodiversity

The parrot is happy. The lion appears melancholy.

They may think differently about the World Environment Day which falls on June 5.

Whatever the rare species think of, they should feel blessed for living in Costa Rica.

(Soundbite) KATHIA ALFARO, Environment Protector
“Costa Rica is small in territory but big in what has been achieved with its conservation programs countrywide. It has developed programs that are very attractive and get rewarded worldwide. We believe in the concept of conserving forests with financial resources to support us.”

Due to years of efforts, Costa Rica is now rich in biodiversity and has become the largest contributor in Latin America to the Global Biodiversity Information System.

(Soundbite) PAOLA SAENZ, Student of Environmental Health
“We have a slew of legislation, regulations, decrees and laws to improve all these environmental practices. They are sustainable for the environment and don’t generate much pollution.”

The Central American country has been trying to maintain its status as a pioneer in this field, especially in preserving the forests, which represent more than 50 percent of its territory.

(Soundbite) JOSE DANIEL VEGA, Journalist
“We see ourselves as a pioneer and leader. They see us as a green country. This is because Costa Rica has changed the old mindset and decides to get things maintained and improved.”

Costa Rica attributes all its environmental wealth to geographical position, with two coasts and rugged mountainous landscape.

Essential microclimates are formed out of its nature for the existence of unique ecosystem, which has harbored more than 500,000 species of creatures so far.

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