World No Tobacco Day

On World No Tobacco Day each year, the World Health Organization encourages people around the globe to put out their cigarettes for 24 hours, and think about the health-related consequences of their habit. This is a particularly acute issue in China, which claims the world’s largest population of smokers and remains a society where smoking is a nearly ubiquitous part of social events and life in general. One year after Beijing instituted its toughest ever indoor smoking ban, have there been any improvements? What can we expect from the smoking-control regulation legislation expected by the end of this year? And is the Chinese government in a particularly difficult position of relying heavily on tobacco industry taxes, while also attempting to ward off a predicted health crisis due to smoking? Join us for a discussion with Gregory Yingnien Tsang, a tobacco control specialist; Dr. Angela Pratt, with the Tobacco Free Initiative at WHO China; and in Oxford, Sir Richard Peto, Professor of Medical Statistics and Epidemiology at the University of Oxford.

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